Morphing Meth Project

To determine effective treatment interdictions and assist the courts in reducing the number of persons, on meth, not having employable skills by providing those skills using current technologies.
Use current technologies to communicate and expand training strategies with community corrections departments and other community partners to enhance public awareness regarding education, interdiction, and prevention practices for methamphetamine abuse.
  • Increase the number of persons available for skilled workforce by agreeing to a plea of guilt for drug use but also agreeing to a treatment regime that includes work force skill training.
  • Increase the marketable skills of individuals in treatment or aftercare programs.
  • Attend a workforce retention aftercare along with treatment aftercare for a year attaining a two year employment history and non-criminal activity with the support of TSTC provided training and other partners.
  • Reduce the increasing number of felony offenders from drug convictions.
  • Create collaborative strategies and training for communities and criminal justice agencies to deal with the meth issues.